Hello, I am

Janet Kennedy


I am running for District Five Duluth City Council because it’s time we make a difference together in building a Western community of neighborhoods with opportunities for everyone to live, work, and play.

 I ask for your vote

Tuesday, November 5th!


We can make a difference together



Small businesses are revitalizing neighborhoods in Western Duluth and across our city. I will continue to actively support and promote small business growth to create jobs in Western Duluth and across our city, directing improvements to cross-collaboration of business and strong community organizations needed to build neighborhoods.



Duluth is a community of neighborhoods. As President of the RiverFront Community Development, I have advocated for strong neighborhoods to enrich children, families, and individuals living in the Western Duluth communities. I will continue to address Duluth’s housing challenges and build vibrant neighborhoods with places to live, work, and play.



I have worked in the healthcare profession for 25 years, so I know the hardships that health care disparities cause families and individuals. I will continue working on the social, economic, and environmental health disparities based on zip codes in collaboration with local and state partnerships that I have built. Through policies, practices, and procedures, we will improve optimal health for everyone.​


Aging streets and infrastructure have always been a problem in Duluth. Our city will be left behind if we don’t prepare a strategic plan to fund and build improvements. I will support initiatives for improving aging infrastructure, roads, and streets, as well as increasing transportation connectivity and safety for all users.

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